How it works?

Product Detective Chrome extension main purpose is to find profitable products to sell on Amazon while being heavily focused on your selling strategy.

We put “Your Strategy” in the front row, as we know how high the failure rate of amazon sellers who follow common “guru” advice is.

On with the functionality we have included so far. “So far” is highlighted on purpose. We are working on additional features. If you want to check what’s to come next, or have a functionality proposition, head here.

Install our Chrome Extenison

Go to the link and add our extension to your chrome browser.

Product Detective icon will be added to your chrome browser, just next to the address bar.

After purchase, you will be emailed your unique login credentials.

Log in. You will have to do it just once, on the first install, or after reinstalling it.

Your Selling Settings

Right-click Product Detective chrome extension and go to the options page.

As of now, you will have three essential options available.
On-page products will be given a score. The score is based on these settings.

  • Revenue
    It’s self-explanatory really. The higher the better. Most often than not, high revenue means a higher probability of profit.
    Be realistic, but do not set it too low. While low revenue products are going to be less competitive, you do not want to limit yourself too much.
    Every product that is estimated to exceed the revenue that you set is going to get a maximum revenue score. Anything below will receive a lower score accordingly.
  • Reviews
    The lower the better. You want to outcompete products in the targeted niche as fast as it is possible.
    After amendments to Amazon Review policy, as a new seller, this is where you will struggle the most.
    If a product has fewer reviews than your targeted amount it will receive maximum review score.
  • Rating
    Again, the lower the better. One of the viable selling strategies is improving over products with established demand. Simply, spend some time to read through the reviews section. In a matter of minutes, you will be handed all the detail you will need to better satisfy customers needs.

Each time you make changes to your settings, you will have to refresh Amazon page, otherwise, Product Detective will not apply new search criteria.
Click update and head to Amazon.

Browse Amazon

Type in your product ideas. Finding product ideas is out of the scope of this entry. We will address it soon.

When results page loads fully, click on the chrome extension icon.

After this, a widget will be added to each on-page product. Moreover, in the top right corner of the browser, a window will pop up. This will calculate averages taken from all products and give you quick results overview.

Product Detective on-page Widget and Product Opportunity Score

As an example, we have searched for a “knife set” keyword. Search targets are set to:

  • $5000 in Revenue,
  • 50 Reviews and
  • 4.0 Rating

Our widget is considering all three variables to come out with a score. If one of the inputs falls short, the overall product opportunity score will drop significantly. Therefore all three have to either match, be close to or exceed search criteria.

Product widget contains essential statistics such as:

  • Product opportunity score,
  • Estimated revenue,
  • Product rank, from which we make projections and estimate sales,
  • Number of pictures
    The lower this is, the higher the probability of poorly done or incomplete product description page could be. Therefore, there might be an opportunity for a shortcoming we could improve upon,
  • Fullfillment – Amazon, FBA, or Merchant fulfilled (non FBA),
  • Price History – to spot any tendencies for price dropping. In addition, it will tell you when the product was introduced to the Amazon market

Make a Profitable Decision

As you can see in the screenshot above, we have two products that received quite a different score. The first product, although having revenue far exceeding our expectations, gained a low score due to a rather high review count.

No matter that the product on the right is lower in sales rank and has twice as low sales volume. It provides us with much greater opportunity.

Revenue is very high anyway. There are 5 pictures, despite the possibility of adding 7. There are only 30 reviews and the rating is 4.0 on which we could improve.

Your chances of successful Amazon product Launch

The more Green Circles (high overall product scores) you see in the search results page the higher your chances of success are. If many products match your search criteria, You will have high chance improving and exceeding their performance. That basically means, taking their spot on the page and winning over their customer base. This is where common advice lacks.

Disinformation and a lot of Bad Advice from Misguided People

Most of the time you will be told to look at the first ten results on the page. Then, make sure all of these products are priced at around $20, do not exceed a certain amount of reviews and have a large number of sales.

While it could have been a viable strategy a couple of years ago, it is now an overcrowded area.

With every new Amazon seller doing the same thing there is simply no more space left. You do not want to join this, what we call, “me too” club.

Aim for Hurdles

Why not use some common sense and target products that are still on the first or even second page?
Products that despite having a lower rank, still maintain high revenue and bring profit consecutively?
Frequently, these are going to be higher price ticket products. Often, harder to deal with. While everybody today is going for simple, this is really what you want to do.

That’s not all

As of now, Product Detective chrome extension offers tested, essential features. We made sure the base of software is performing as well as it can. There is much more to come. We will be publishing everything we are working on so you can stay in tune for what’s to come.
At Product Detective, we are listening to feedback very closely and reflect anything our community might need. If you have any suggestions do not hesitate to write to us. We try to implement as many ideas as we can.